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This week meme, as say miss Strawberry Singh:

…is a bit delayed but quick, easy and possibly a little painless. Sometimes pain can be good though so I’ll make sure to torture you guys more next week.

I hope to see a really good torture (evil laugh), because I like difficult memes. So, following the meme instructions, I need to complete the statements by writing down first thing that pops up in my head. Easy. Are you ready? Here we go…


Actually I had the same facial expression as my ava at the 2nd pic, writing this meme 😀

I am…   super optimist

I want…  peace in World

I have…  a dream

I wish…  my loved ones were near me

I hate…  indifference

I fear…  I have no fear, at least for myself

I search…   tons of everything

I wonder…  if there will be a way to be able to teleport such easy like in SL 

I regret…  some words I haven’t say to ppl when I had to

I never…  say never

I always…  think positive

I usually… do it 

I dance…  really? 😀

I sing…  I do, but don’t like to

I often…  day dream 

I sometimes…  feel myself helpless. But just sometimes, cause I’m super optimist 😉

I cry…  rarely

I need…  a good sleep (maybe several days 😀 )

I should…  is the conditional form of shall

I love… when all around are happy. Really 🙂 



Thanks again for a great meme, Berry 🙂