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I’m still inspired with Japanese theme (as you can see in last 2 posts) and I guess that inspiration will last for a long time. I owned several outfits from one of my fav Asian store in SL “Bare Rose”. Each costume inspires me to make pics, I’m in love with their  creations 😀 . Yes, I love anime, love manga and all that stuff lol, maybe in very past life I was a Samurai, who knows (or a ninja :D).

rainy day.jpg

sakura white.jpgpainting.jpgPPa

The last one is now my profile pic and I like it so much 😉

During my inspiration I made a Japanese theme for Windows and use it now at my PC,  so if you guys would like to download, here it is (sound scheme used from Mabinogi theme). Hope u’ll like it to 🙂 File is virus free and checked by myself 😉

Sure my post can’t be complete without beautiful song (which I listened to so much that is already learned by heart  😀 )


  • Skin – RazzaNova Stripped Skins Oshin – by Fergie Finesmith
  • Mesh handsSlink – by Siddean Munro
  • Outfit – ::: B@R ::: Hanatae – by June Dion
  • Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] Darina hair – by Ikira Frimon
  • EyesIKON Mortal eyes Black – by Ikon Innovia
  • Pose (1st pic)TuTy’s – scripted Orchid (gift) – by Tutys
  • Pose (2,3 pics)Fantasista kimono pose1 – by Juliett Moonites
  • Pose (4th pic) – IOS My Lovely Face fatpack – by Katia Millet