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Each time I want to make romantic post, I remember my dear Italian friends couple 🙂 It’s not the first time they become heroes of my post, so I thought it would be great to ask them to pose for me. Sure they were glad to help me and voila, a little bit dramatic but still full of love and and tenderness emotions 🙂

Hugs Birba and Adam 



La lontananza

La lontanaza, sai, è come il vento
Che fa dimenticare chi non s’ama
È già passato un anno ed è un incendio
Che brucia l’anima

Io che credevo d’esser la più forte
Mi sono illusa di dimenticare
E invece sono qui a ricordare
A ricordare te


The Distance

The distance, you know, is like the wind
Which makes you forget who you don’t love
A year has already passed, and it’s a fire
That burns the soul

I believed I was the strongest one
I deluded myself to forget
But instead I’m here, reminding
Reminding you